Another Portrait on Blue Paper

May 16, 2012

120422GirlPaintedRight: A loose Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch covered with even looser layers of gouache, on blue laid paper. From an approximately 12 inch square journal. Clipped in scanning to save time. 

Here's another example of working with opaque layers of gouache in the blue-paper journal I got from England. The man's face at the left shows you what the ink looks like on the paper without paint.

I'm using this journal to experiment with color combinations I don't usually use (like greens in flesh tones). It's as if I'm taking a vacation.

During this time I was also doing my fake journal for 2012 and I painted a lot of clouds, directly with gouache on Niddeggen. This makes a nice switch.

Below: A detail from the page showing how the paint was applied on the face, allowing some of the texture of the page to come through. This is the back side of the sheet so the texture is a rough felt-like surface which you can see in the unpainted portions, specifically the man's face.


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