For People Attending the MCBA Visual Journal Collective on Monday, May 21, 2012

May 17, 2012

See the full post for a pre-meeting suggestion that will make your attendance more fun.

When my friend Karen Engelbretson heard how many people were going to attend the meeting on Monday she urged me to I suggest people watch my video on Tearing Paper before attending the meeting.

I think that is a fabulous suggestion. Make some time to do that. It will take you 11 minutes!

Even if you already know how to tear paper the video will give you an awareness of how I handle paper and the "fussy" bits you have to watch out for when tearing paper for bookbinding in this way. 

You'll still get to see me demonstrate in person at the meeting, but a camera over my shoulder in the video is going to be a much better view for you than even that.

You might even follow along with the video and tear up a couple sheets of regular bond paper or an old newspaper before Monday, as practice before you get to your sheet of art paper! Not only will you be practicing a physical skill which improves with practice, but you'll get a sense of where you have difficulties. You'll be able to ask more specific questions about the difficulties you encounter.

Thank you Karen for this great suggestion. I knew that video would come in handy!

Because of the large number of attendees on Monday I would also like to reiterate the need to come early and be prepared to search for parking (always a problem on the best of days). If you can meet a friend at his/her home or work and carpool over that might be a good thing too.

I will be coming from another event and can't control my arrival like I usually do, so I'm thinking I might have to park in a local ramp—keep that as an option for yourself. 

I am excited to rally together with all of you and make some books! It's going to be great fun.

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