The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs

November 16, 2011

There have been some reality shows I quite enjoyed (and may still if new episodes emerge)—the one about the weird store* in NYC, the road trip make-over show "On the Road with Austin and Santino," the taxidermists in Alaska, "Chopped" (which is more of a game show), "Ace of Cakes," and in the past "Project Runway" (until the producers made it all about drama and making people cry, and made it very clear that my choices don't align with the judges; well I'm not known for my fashion sense anyway).

Cooking shows, however, top the list. Currently the search is on for the Next Iron Chef over at the Food Network.

We get to see talented professionals working hard and fast at their craft, with intriguing results. The spirit among the chefs is also more collegial then on other "competition" shows. They may all be playing for a slot on the Iron Chef roster, and all the promotional and merchandise money that can come from such a position, but the emphasis here is on the food. You still get enough information to get a sense of a chef's personality without the TMI that reigns on other reality shows.

Of course one could argue that for me this show is simply food porn, since I don't have a working kitchen right now. That's fine this is a hearty substitute.

(They are only 3 chefs down so you can still catch up.)

Update: I forgot to mention another favorite reality show: Chris March's "Mad Fashion." March is a clothing designer I first learned about when he appeared on a season of "Project Runway." (He finished his season with a collection made of human hair that was outrageously beautiful.) Each week on "Mad Fashion" he dresses a client for an event in about 3 days. The outfits are outrageous and beautiful and it's great to see how his team executes them.

*Update number 2 and footnote 1, don't get me started: That store is Obscura Antiques and Oddities.

    • Nita
    • November 16, 2011

    I’ve got a good new one for the animal lover-Incredible Dr. Pol. On the National Geographic Wild (NatGeoWild) channel. He’s a 69-year-old big and small animal vet in central Michigan. He has patients from small domestic to farm animals, from a false pregnancy in a pet rat to cows, horses, and sheep with all sorts of problems. A super personality too! I found it On Demand, don’t know when it’s on during the week.

    I find the reality shows that deal with nature, whether it’s Alaska and the weather (lots of those!), animals, or other people vs nature themes, they seem much closer to reality than the scripted, over-dramatic relationship ones. Love the cooking ones and the making-things ones, though Work of Art can make me crazy.

    Happy viewing!

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    Nita, thank you I will check it out. Work of Art does make me crazy, I only half watch (fast forward through stuff)—it proves that today many people believe any publicity is good publicity, and of course that there is a new segment of the “employed,” reality tv personalities.

    I want my own reality show! (She said laughing, I don’t really want people to film while I’m sitting here typing with holes in my paint covered sweat pants!)

    • Miss T
    • November 16, 2011

    Roz, Next Iron Chef is high on the list at our house. Also Top Chef Masters, which has a similar collegial spirit. What was the show about the weird NYC store? I missed that one, somehow.

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    Really Roz, I had no idea we watched so much of the same TV!

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    Great Minds Suzanne…

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    Miss T, thanks for asking, I’ve been searching my brain all day and can’t think of it. I learned of it when Danny Gregory was on an episode so to still my mind I went and looked it up on his blog
    Obscura Antiques and Oddities.

    I watch Top Chef too, but I’m not sure about the changes they made this season—so far I think it will be better and veer away from “drama” but we’ll see.

    • Miss T
    • November 17, 2011

    Thanks, Roz. I’ll watch for that one if it comes around again.

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    It’s pretty fun. You can see clips on the discovery site. And they seem to be still filming based on comments there.

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