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The Importance of Space

Is the hair in this sketch exaggerated?  It’s hard to say. This woman (a contestant on “Project Runway”) had mounds and mounds of curly hair. So much hair, in fact, often not tied back, that I wondered how she got any work done without it always getting in the way. But remember that thought comes […]


Protected: Relaxing and Sketching My Favorite TV Dog

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My Favorite TV Dog—Swatch

Above: Pentel Brush Pen and gouache sketch of Swatch from "Project Runway. (8 inch square hardbound journal with the old/defunct Folio paper). No black paint here, I'm experimenting with Helio Blue (a phthalo blue that has a bit of a green cast to it) and mixing it with it's complementary red. You can bet if […]


Bow Ties and Lots of Yellow—A Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Sketch

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Piecemeal Sketches

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Sketching Folks on Project Runway

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Reality TV—Yep!

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The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs

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