Happy New Year: 2011!

January 1, 2011

the post is thoughts on what to do for New Year’s Day.

I shared my New Year's wishes with you yesterday. And you know what I'm doing.

Thanks for stopping by—now go make something. Go sketch at the Zoo. Go walk your dog, or your friend. Write the great American novel. Start a new painting series, or finish one!

If you are really at a loss for what to do today ask yourself "WWTD?"

If you have to ask what that means go read (or reread depending on when you joined me) my post "Productivity: J. M. W. Turner."

I'll catch you later.

    • Carole Kokinis
    • January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year Roz. I followed your advice today. Drank coffee and read the paper. Pulled out a strippy quilt I started years ago, six strips were done, so I marked out number seven. Played with our grandson. Watched an Indiana Jones on TV, hokum but fun. Finally had a Chinese takeaway. I plan to repeat tomorrow.
    best wishes

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    A very Happy New Year to you too, Roz. I know a highlight of my year will be your visual journal workshop at Strathmore.

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    Thank you Robyn. I hope you enjoy the workshop.

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    Carole that sounds like a great way to get started on the new year and since you’re going to repeat today (Jan. 2, when I’m answering comments) it won’t be long before that strippy quilt is finished! And it’s good to enjoy that grandson while he’s young, kids change every day! Have a great 2011.

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