Tucker at 11 Weeks

December 27, 2009

The title of this post says it all.


Above: Tucker at 11 weeks, about 10 days ago! Who knows how much he has grown since then! Photo ©2009 Roseanne Carbone.

I am not stalking this dog! I could easily make excuses to drive by his home (very much out of the way of my usual transit) and call Roseanne daily to check in on his progress but I manage to control myself (I get to see him later today!) I am amazed at how quickly he has turned from Tucker as a puppy into Tucker as a small (and handsome) dog.

Despite a couple of bitterly cold (unseasonably so) weeks Roseanne reports that the training is going well. It's funny, when Dottie was a puppy we had an unseasonably cold fall and I remember being out at 2 a.m. for potty breaks—tired, punchy, saying the magic word so she would learn also to pee on command (an invaluable skill taught to me by experienced dog owners, when I got Emma, which made traveling with the dogs simple). At some point under the dark cloudless sky, when everything around you is silent (even when you live in a college kid neighborhood) you find enjoyment in the moment as well. It doesn't matter that your nose is cold beyond brittle and your sockless feet feel like blocks of ice in your unlaced boots—puppyhood is over so quickly that you just have to gulp it down. Just be sure to put your hat and gloves on!

    • velma
    • December 27, 2009

    oh man, roz, marc’s pup tess, who spent 10 long days with me in august, is only 6 months and though beginning to look like a grown up english setter, still behaves like a demented dervish at times. she sleeps through the night, except at my house. and then it’s over, as you said. smart and beautiful, that one is. i just heard friends had a house fire. no loss of human life, but two dogs, a beagle and a jack russell.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • December 27, 2009

    What a big boy! Look at those paws.
    Puppies give me joy.

    • Suzanne Popalardo
    • December 27, 2009

    Roz! Get yourself a dog! Soon! Life is too short to do without one. Eight yrs ago when we lost the last of three, we said that’s it. No more. The heartache was too much upon losing them. We lasted almost 6 months. Five minutes before a store was closing I said let’s just get a puppy fix. Right. There was this tiny Pug…who just about went into a coma when you rubbed his chest…still does! I cried when my husband told me to “just hold him a second”, because I knew. I knew it was starting all over again. The love, worry, joy….ours to go through yet again. He healed our sad hearts and has been such a comfort to have around, even though he’s weird. Stays in his bed and just stares at us when we come home, unlike all the others who ran to greet us with barking and wagging tails. He doesn’t wag his tail unless I put a glove on my hand when I come home, then it’s frantic wagging and squirming. Weird Pug. Super smart but weird. Sheds something awful. But we love him! You need a dog. Don’t do this to yourself!
    Oh and Roz? Thanks again for all the time you give of yourself, to those of us who come here daily. We might not always comment, but we’re here.

    • Roz
    • December 27, 2009

    Velma, So glad you had some dog time with Tess.
    Very, very sorry to hear of your friend’s loss. They have my deepest sympathy. It’s a nightmare.

    • Roz
    • December 27, 2009

    Suzanne, I loved hearing about your lovely Pug! He sounds wonderful (even if you think he’s weird—I’m thinking he’s perspicacious and taking it all in).

    I hope some day I have another dog, but it isn’t possible right now. As Cesar says, “rules, boundaries, and limitations,” well it applies to people too, and I know my limitations.

    Happily I have lots of dog friends.

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