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Different Ways to Journal

Ever wonder what happens when you retire a tracking dog? They don’t every really retire. Up until her death, two years later, almost exactly, Dottie was still showing me she was happy to show me all the things in the vicinity of our walk routes that had human scent on them. The above photo is […]


Protected: In Context: Handling the Page

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Blast from the Past: Sketch in Any Moment

I was clearing out the flat file while under the weather and not fit for much. I found today’s sketch and scanned it. Readers know that from July 1, 1998 through January 26, 2003 I drew a sketch of my Alaskan Malamute Bitch Dottie every day. I sometimes forget that besides filling 43 volumes of […]


Ken Avidor Sketches Snow Piles and You Should Too

See the full post for details.


Oddities from the Archives: Dottie in an Exchange Book

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Some Really Poor Photos To Make a Point—Or Searching for the Perfect Folding Chair

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Holiday Greetings From Roz and Dick in 2011

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Themes and Serendipity

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Snow Pile Update: Don’t Let a Little Thing Like No Supplies Stop Your Sketching Practice

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Dog Practice—Four: Stonehenge Paper?

I make a decision on Paper and Media for Paws on Grand.

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