Contest Winner Announced

November 26, 2008

Congratulations to Penny Hackett-Evans of Michigan for the winning entry in my first contest: write a biographical blurb. (People new to the blog can see the details of the contest, what started it, and the rules on my November 9, 2008 post.)

Writing and drawing are my daily bread.  Without hope of being published, or shown—I keep putting pen and brush to paper.  It is how I discover what I know.

The handbound journal displayed on the contest post is even now making its way to Penny. I would like to thank Penny and everyone else who entered for the time and thought they put into their entries. If you entered but didn't win I hope you value the time you took to encapsulate yourself in 2 to 4 sentences. I find it a good way to focus myself. I appreciated learning about you and your passions.

The contest has taught me a lot about running contests, setting criteria and rules,  getting judges, and finally explaining the contest criteria to the judges. And it has also taught me a lot about the people who acted as judges. I want to thank all four judges for their time and very careful thought. (I'm going to keep their names secret in case I need to impanel them again. There was a businessman, a fine artist, a graphic designer, and an engineer.)

The entrants should know that after their silent deliberations, the judges talked extensively in support of their choices. I asked them to do this because in the event that there hadn't been a clear winner I would have had to decide. Happily I only had to listen and eat pizza.

Judging was held at Black Sheep Pizza. This was my second visit (you can read about the first visit in my November 10, 2008 post). I'm pleased to say I am still impressed with the friendly, quick service and the delicious pizza. This time, besides the fennel sausage pizza (which was a little less fennel-y but still considered delicious by all) there was a delicious meatball and kalamata olive pizza and a cheese and red peppers pizza. I recommend this restaurant's coal-fired offerings, whether you are judging a contest or simply eating out with friends.

Thank you again to all who participated. I look forward to more contests (and even some quizzes) in the future.


    • Patti Pink
    • January 10, 2009

    LOVE your journal contest, ROZ! You The Coolest!
    Patti Pink

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