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Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Penny Hackett-Evans of Michigan for the winning entry in my first contest: write a biographical blurb. (People new to the blog can see the details of the contest, what started it, and the rules on my November 9, 2008 post.)

Writing and drawing are my daily bread.  Without hope of being published, or shown—I keep putting pen and brush to paper.  It is how I discover what I know.

The handbound journal displayed on the contest post is even now making its way to Penny. I would like to thank Penny and everyone else who entered for the time and thought they put into their entries. If you entered but didn't win I hope you value the time you took to encapsulate yourself in 2 to 4 sentences. I find it a good way to focus myself. I appreciated learning about you and your passions.

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