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Roz Wound Up’s Fourth Anniversary Contest Is Over—The Winner is…

See the full post for details.


Project Journal Infiltration Button Is Ready

See the post for details on participating in the promotional aspect of this project. Win a handbound journal!


Project Journal Infiltration 2010

Left: A handmade journal filled with Dewint paper (a sample of the paper is underneath the book). This book was the prize in the 2010-2011 PJI contest. UPDATED: OCTOBER 14, 2011 On April 19 of this year I announced my cunning plan—to infiltrate the journals and sketchbooks of others! (Go to that link to find […]


My Cunning Plan: Project Journal Infiltration Ramps Up

I show you all how serious I am about infiltrating your journals and sketchbooks.

18-month Quiz Winner

Contest Winner announced.


International Fake Journal Month Is Here!

International Fake Journal Month Starts TODAY!


What My Blog Readers Are Reading

Results of a “what other blogs do you read” survey.

We Have a Winner

Tricia Michael from Ohio, was drawn as the winner of the "5-months of Daily Posts Celebration Contest." She has written back and claimed her prize so the silver postbox-postage stamp caddy will go off to her in Monday's mail. I want to thank everyone who posted for taking the time to give me great specific […]

Five Months of Daily Posts

Right: A silver mail box that is actually a holder for a roll of postage stamps. (You unscrew the bottom, put in the roll, and the stamps feed out the mail slot at the top, where on a real post box mail would be inserted.) The quarter is there for a size comparison. Yes it […]

640 Tubes—Color Dumping: A Contest WINNER!

Note: Profile Friday will appear Saturday this week because of logistics.

Congratulations to Betty Ann Dalton from Nova Scotia! Betty Ann won the drawing for the Color Dumping Contest I started on December 9 to celebrate two months of daily posting since I had started my blog, and to move Project 640 Tubes along.

The small handmade (by me) journal that was advertised as the prize in this contest is already on its way to Betty Ann.

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