Project Journal Infiltration 2010

August 10, 2010

DewintPrize0467 Left: A handmade journal filled with Dewint paper (a sample of the paper is underneath the book). This book was the prize in the 2010-2011 PJI contest.


On April 19 of this year I announced my cunning plan—to infiltrate the journals and sketchbooks of others! (Go to that link to find links to sketchbooks and journals I’ve actually already infiltrated!)

From August 9, 2010 through September 6, 2011 I encouraged people to to sketch me in their journals from life, as well as promote the endeavor on their blogs, and there was even a separate contest related to International Fake Journal month. (There were handmade journals drawn as prizes for all three endeavors at the completion.) 

The 2010-2011 contest(s) are now over, but if you would like to read more about Project Journal Infiltration please use the category list to click on “Project Journal Infiltration” to take you to all posts tagged with that topic. You’ll see images that people drew of me in their journals.

Also, because people who didn’t live in Minneapolis and couldn’t draw me from life expressed interest in the project I created a Project Journal Infiltration within the 2011 International Fake Journal Month Celebration. You can read about that here with the other contests there for April 2011. You can see the winner of that contest drawing, including the image she made of me, here.

I encourage you to use the list of 2011 IFJM Participants in the right hand column of the Official International Fake Journal blog to view other 2011 fake journals, many of which include sketches made of me from the photos provided. They found inventive ways to work me into their fake journals.

Now What?

Even though the original contest is over I still have my goal of infiltrating as many journals as possible before I die. And some people have just got the habit of sketching me when they see me. That’s great because one of my goals in life has been to get people to sketch.

If you see me out and about and can sketch me from life, great, I hope that you do. I also hope that you send me a jpg of the journal page (showing the date and location).

I don’t know what will happen in the future—if there will be another organized contest, or if I will simply do a drawing from sketches I receive, but I do know that anyone sketching me from the end of this contest (September 6, 2011) until whenever any decision is made, will be grandfathered in to that prize drawing. (Sorry there is no sketching from photos in this on-going effort—I really want people to sketch me from life.)

I will post any sketches received on Roz Wound Up, with a note about you and links back to your website or blog.

You can reach me at

I want to thank everyone who participated in any of these 2010-2011 endeavors for bringing their creativity and artistry to the projects. I look forward to infiltrating many more journals in the years to come.



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