Roz Wound Up’s Fourth Anniversary Contest Is Over—The Winner is…

October 11, 2012

Leslie Schram won the quiz with his correct answer of "Munchkin." His was one of only 7 correct entries. 

While you may have seen notes from Dick stuck to my journal pages addressed in various ways the key was to recall the nickname only Dick uses. And it is "Munchkin."

Why? I don't really know. I've never asked. Perhaps it's because I'm short and my shoes all tend to curl up at the toes like elf shoes—he always points this out. I believe my shoes' tendency to do this is because 99.9 percent of the time I'm wearing runners of some sort. They naturally break in that way. He seems to think some other force is at work. Or so his comments would lead me to suspect. While I love the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" (and actually know all the songs and dialog) it isn't my favorite movie by any means. Maybe it started as a response to my singing lyrics like the "Lollipop Guild" and anything else from the arrival of Dorothy in Oz; I'm quite a fan of the Coroner. I know I would have been singing that at some point early in our relationship, because I'm still always doing that. His use of the nickname predates the bitches coming to live with us. Emma was named Emma by me, because quite frankly she was Emma. When I met Dottie I had no plan in mind for names, but the little spots on her toe pads made me think of dots, Dottie, Dorothy. And so she became Dorothy, because a split second later I realized that made Emma Auntie Em. (Yes, I know it's Emily, but Emily is a derivative of Emma.) And so then there was a theme and of course no looking back.

While there are several posts in which one might have read "Munchkin" my favorite is Roz and Dick Go To the Mall of America; and a Celebration.

My ninja days are indeed over.

The gouache will go out to Leslie as soon as I get his postal address back.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Even if you didn't have the right answer your answers all showed that you have been reading the blog and I'm grateful for your readership. I hope you'll all continue reading. And of course there will be another quiz. There always is. 

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    Congratulations on your four year anniversary and I among others was relieved when you said you were just reducing your posts. Although I may not be able to begin each day with a little bright spot of Roz, I will somehow manage, as long as there are periodic life boats of sage insight on visual journaling and snazzy visuals. Now that I’m no longer on high doses of prednisone, I won’t be the bossy pants I often am in my head and tell you what to do with your time, I’m sure it will be productively spent. If fact, I’m very curious to see how you direct your new found “leisure” time. Will you actually slow down? What direction will your energy and talent take you? Stay tuned, interested viewers, the show is about to get going.

    • Dana
    • October 11, 2012

    Congratulations Leslie! (He’s been a follower longer than I so it’s only fair.)

    Actually Roz… we’re all winners with every one of your posts. I’ve read and reread your 4th anniversary post numerous times already and it’s only been 2 days! Not only have you been a ninja but you must have been a zen master in a previous life. Your intonations to live in the present always touch a cord.

    I always begin a new sketchbook with a quote or saying that speaks to me. When I start my next, sometime in the upcoming week or so, I’ll be inscribing the first page with your quote so you’ll be there to inspire me:

    “Go observe something today, see something. Sketch your pet, or your child or parent while he sleeps. Watch him breathe. Make a special meal for someone. Sit and listen to the world around you. Sit and listen to someone without a thought for what you might say next—but just to hear what he or she says. Get up and move around. Remember to breathe. And keep filling those pages.

    To switch up my International Fake Journal Month slogan—”Life’s short, so get busy now.” ”

    Thank you Roz.

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    Dana, Long-time follower or not Leslie only had the same chances as the other 7 correct entries that were placed in a hat it. Pretty good odds for everyone. (I recognized all but one of the names as someone who frequently comments on the blog, but the other person may be a long-time reader who never comments!) I wish I could have sent paint to everyone who had the correct entry.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my posts. And for the honor of starting your new journal! I hope it’s filled with new insights and observations of your life around you. And that it meets your goals—and of course that you play!

    Thanks for reading.

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    Lizzie Bo, Leisure time isn’t something that I’ve ever reached for. I’m a firm believer in what I wrote the other day, “LIfe’s short—so get buy now.” I’m learning daily new ways to find balance, something of course I thought I was on my way to understanding. HA. It will be interesting to me to see how I get on. I have so many blog posts finished, so many ideas to write more that this week’s goal has been to step back from the computer (well only that part related to blogging because I still have to sit here and work). It is proving challenging, and yesterday was a little stressful, so I went to default mode and wrote 4 more blog posts because it was relaxing! Maybe I’ll have to start reaching for leisure time. In the mean time first up I’m working on my dog painting project. And a little friend is visiting this weekend! I’m too excited. His visit will get me away from the computer.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • October 12, 2012

    Ooh, I was literally dancing around happy when I won, which is scary in a 6 foot 2, rugby player sized, beardie bloke. I always enjoy the blog, esp. the “go and do something new and different” Friday epistles. My very elderly mother is finally retiring from part time work as a dressmaker at 81 years old. So today helping get everything sorted for selling on, I ended up accepting a wedding dress and 2 bridsmaid dresses, to do in a rush; so there’s def. a new challenge for the weekend. Oh and if anyone fancies buying 400,000 mixed buttons, about 300lb in weight feel free to make an offer.

    • Dana
    • October 12, 2012

    Oh Roz, please don’t get me wrong… I never meant to suggest you were playing favorites. Maybe I sould have placed one of those winky things at the end of my comment.

    Leslie… Too bad you can’t see the huge smile on my face…you must have been a sight!

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    Dana, nope you didn’t need a winky thing. I hate those winky things. And my comment was just to reassure you you all had exactly the same chance.

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    Leslie, clearly we needed to have a videographer on hand for that moment! I hope you’ll enjoy the paints. And I hope that your mom’s retirement goes well! Wow, what a button collection. That’s a lifetime’s worth of working with dresses for sure.

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