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Out and About on Saturday: On the Way to the Winter Book


Left: some of the flat (or flatish) polished rocks I picked up yesterday at the rock show: $3 buys a lot of beauty.

On the heels of one in-town road trip I went on another Saturday with my friend Linda. We went to our friend Marcia's for a gallery sale she was having. (Besides checking out those two links to Marcia's work check out the Continuum Pinecone Sculpture. I hope to do a profile on Marcia in the new year.)

I had only found out about the open-house the day before. I'm going to make a point of learning about her next one in advance so I can give Twin Cities readers of my blog a heads up. Marcia, besides making metal sculptures makes wire sculptures that are charming and affordable for all budgets. Her watercolors are also delightful in their loose yet descriptive approach.

Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Penny Hackett-Evans of Michigan for the winning entry in my first contest: write a biographical blurb. (People new to the blog can see the details of the contest, what started it, and the rules on my November 9, 2008 post.)

Writing and drawing are my daily bread.  Without hope of being published, or shown—I keep putting pen and brush to paper.  It is how I discover what I know.

The handbound journal displayed on the contest post is even now making its way to Penny. I would like to thank Penny and everyone else who entered for the time and thought they put into their entries. If you entered but didn't win I hope you value the time you took to encapsulate yourself in 2 to 4 sentences. I find it a good way to focus myself. I appreciated learning about you and your passions.


Coal Fired Pizza?


Above: Oven fuel.

Friday night, after visiting a gallery with my friend Linda, she recalled her father mentioning a new pizza restaurant opening up on Washington Ave. North, in Minneapolis. Linda has a great memory for locations. We were only a couple blocks away and decided to stop in.

Black Sheep Pizza at 600 Washington Ave. North, Minneapolis, makes the best pizza I have ever eaten. They use coal to fuel their ovens. Their menu says:

Coal was burned in the first ovens used to bake pizza in the United States. Today these restaurants, found mostly in Brooklyn and New York, define the "American" pizza experience by still using coal to make some of the best pizza in the world. As the first coal-burning pizza restaurant in Minnesota, Black Sheep Pizza seeks to honor the craft of these pioneers by using clean burning, virtually emission-free Anthracite coal and the best ingredients possible to create the great American pizza experience for you.
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