Another Green Sheet

April 12, 2024

When I’m testing a pen or a paper (or in this case both) I like to work with them for several days. So the day after that green lady from my previous post, I sketched this woman—again a fair goer from @earthsworld.

My thoughts on this face were a bit different. I added a bit more white gouache into my watercolor to get the tints to block the green paper a bit. And because the hair was such a dark value and series of colors I didn’t feel the need to put in any background color.

Again I used Clairefontaine’s toned mixed media paper and the Platinum Carbon Black fiber-tipped markers.

I’m still warming up to this one. From a distance, a long distance, I can see what I was aiming for with my shapes.

I think I shot of video of the sketch process. I was trying to make freckles on her skin. If I can find the video I’ll pup it up on Patreon.

In the meantime I’ve got a lot of pages of the pad left, and a lot of faces to draw.

Keep working in a series and find out which tools and material and approaches you enjoy most, and in combination with each other!

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