Thinking about Ink Wash

August 3, 2022

Last week I started another one of these notebooks with printed ink lines. I always have a book like this near the TV so I can sketch if the mood takes me. 

This sketch is from spring 2021. It seems a lifetime ago. Back then Niji water brushes were what I was used to when I bought a new water brush. The last Niji I bought (2 weeks ago) was a new variety that broke in two and had a plunger action. I’m not a fan.

Then I found in a box of supplies, packed away for the downsizing, a bunch of old-school Niji water brushes. 

I think this marks the turn around for me, that something good and solid can come out of the downsizing—this stash of Nijis.

Or it simply shows I can’t assimilate even one more change because I’ve become a grumpy elder.

Or both.

You can be sure I’ll pick up a Pentel Brush Pen later today and play with lines, probably on a gridded page. The Pentel Brush Pen has the power to renew.

And then I’ll use some ink or paint with one of those newly discovered Nijis. I have a lot to be grateful for, and the simple pleasure of these two “pens” helps balance me for the work ahead.

But I really do think I’m becoming rather grumpy. (Just a heads up.)

    • Christine
    • August 3, 2022

    Your downsizing is intriguing! Especially because I’ve just gone through it myself – we’ve sold and moved from central Saskatchewan to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. We “couch surfed” at relatives for a year while our house was being built so have only been moved in for two months. Several times I’ve been surprised and sorry that something didn’t come with us. Downsizing has to be brutal. So .. are you razing and rebuilding? Selling and moving? To a house? A condo? A camper van? Best of luck with it all.

    1. Reply

      Christine, 2.5 years in I don’t even have the foggiest notion of how to answer this question about my situation. I am sure to write about it when it eventually wraps up. The only thing I am sure of is that I am not moving to New Zealand, despite bringing that up at every opportunity!

      I’m really glad that your downsizing has culminated in a solid landing in a new home you’ve built. These are amazing accomplishments in the time of Covid.

  1. Reply

    I can relate! In spite of the grieving process over the move, my artmaking has increased, thanks to inspiring artists like you. ✌️

    1. Reply

      Genie, I’m glad I’ve help you continue and increase your productivity even in difficult times. I have found in my life that I am most productive when there are too many demands on my time. When the folks were alive and I made multi-course holiday meals I found that over weekends like Thanksgiving I got cleaning, cooking, and a new cohesive series of paintings done over the 4 day weekend. Keep on drawing no matter what!

    • Tina Koyama
    • August 3, 2022

    Warning heeded. 😉

    1. Reply

      Tina, if I misbehave in your presence please just tell me “Stop it.” Not unlike you might a puppy who is mis-behaving. I don’t mean to be mean in my grumpiness and rely on friends to help me snap out of it upon occasion.

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