Another Bit of Brush Pen and Ink Wash

August 5, 2022




In 2021 I drew a lot of sketches of actor Alun Armstrong. Many were sketches in my journals. It was a project I did—#MarchIsSketchAlunArmstrongMonth.

As I go through and work on rebuilding my digital archive it’s fun to come across these sketches and be reminded of the fun of trying to decipher this actor’s face.

Have you worked monochromatically lately? with ink wash? with two complementary watercolors that let you work monochromatically because of the neutral they make (skewing it to warm or cool as needed while you work)?

It’s always a fun exercise to escape the tyranny of local color for monochromatic values.

(The pink in the background is a Montana Acrylic Marker.)

    • Susan
    • August 5, 2022

    I really enjoyed participating in #MarchIsSketchAlunArmstrongMonth. I didn’t know him at all before I started, and now I can recognize him even when I can only see a small portion of his face, particularly in one of your sketches. Any plans to do it again?

    1. Reply

      I am glad you enjoyed participating and that you can recognize him now even with only seeing a glimpse. I think that’s always fun. I plan to do other public-join-in projects in the future, but it will probably be sketching someone or something else. I just have to clear off my plate so to speak. I would like to have time to have Zoom meetings with participates so we can discuss things. When things are less in flux here I’ll be able to do more of that again. Hope you’ll join me then!

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