Using Your Journal to Ask Questions

May 30, 2021
A Hand•Book watercolor journal (original 90 lb. paper) approximately 5.25 x 8.25 inches.

A journal is for asking questions. You can ask visually, and you can also ask written questions.

To me, often the most interesting thing about my journal pages is not what I drew on the page or what I noticed as I went through my day and captured visually, but the questions and thoughts I had as I was drawing. Or the thoughts in my mind right after I finished my sketch.

For me my journal has always been a place to write down questions—even rhetorical ones. These questions tell me something about my frame of reference and my life in general.

I can tell from the questions if I’m stressed, feeling great, or about to start delving into a new project because my interest keeps returning to the same questions and topic.

If we step out of our way and let our unconscious communicate with our conscious.

Don’t forget that the language and tone we use to talk to ourselves about our art and our creative process matters very much. By paying attention to the conversation you can begin also to direct it in more positive directions.

On this day I asked a question that comes up a lot in my life: Why am I a contrarian?

A year ago I was thinking about this and I got one answer that set my feet on a path for the rest of last year. Now as I write this post I’m aware of more nuance if I ask the question. Life has changed; I’m in a different place. Having markers to note how things are changing, how you are changing, is just another great reason for keeping a journal.

Fill some pages up today.

Note: I won’t be having a Memorial Day post this year. If you want to revisit my thoughts on Memorial Day, please use the search engine and find past posts. I hope it is a safe and reflective day for you.


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