I’m So Predictable in Subject Selection…

June 2, 2021
Men with beards and odd haircuts, and if that isn’t a Zombie, well it looks like that might be Dracula!


I’ve been downsizing and that means things are going into storage. Sometimes I take a moment a peek in the journals as I box them up. Here’s a page from two years ago (2019). 

It had been 5 months since I’d been out of the house—this was pre-Covid—I had just had my cataract surgeries in 2019 and been isolated before and after, because of concerns of respiratory illness which would delay surgery.

Dick drove me to the convention center. There was some sort of “oddities” convention being held there. Vendors were selling lots of fun, weird art. You know the type of thing, eyeball statues with teeth, and vampire bunnies. (I am so goth [except without the music component], you cannot even imagine.)

The only reason the house isn’t full of little knick-knacks made of bone and industrial-steam-punk objects is that I HATE TO DUST.

At the convention I leant against a pillar that was wide and rectangular. I was getting used to not having my regular ninja peripheral vision. (I was feeling very naked without it.) 

And I sketched the people passing by.

I am so predictable.

Go sketch something that interests you.

    • Tyanne
    • June 2, 2021

    These little sketches are very fun. Each one has so much personality. I should print this out and tuck it into the little journal I keep for waiting room sketches for inspiration on handling eyes and especially ears on these quick little sketches. I am always overthinking the ears when drawing someone with short hair or a ball cap from behind, when really a quick set of parentheses works very well.😄

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