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Changing Your Point of View

October 7, 2016


Left: Brush pen and acrylic marker sketch in a Shinola Sketchbook. See below for additional details.

I think it’s important when working in a series to change your point of view frequently. On this day I tried to get a handle on my friend’s features from a lower vantage point. Which makes sense because he’s rather tall.

This Pentel pigment brush pen (squeezy gray barrel) sketch with Montana Acrylic Marker (15mm tip) background is in a Shinola Sketchbook turned on its side so I could take the width of the spread as my vertical.

Sketching contours allows me to focus on shapes and measurements from one feature to the next instead of focusing on the features.

In a quick sketch like this if I make an error I usually just retrace my line as on the nose, or let it stand (the ear is too large). But I'm always making mental notes. Because I liked the negative space on this page I made notes on a back page in my journal.

I'm not feeling around for the chin here with those extra lines. I'm actually trying to work out what to do about a very little bit of chin hair—to think about a visual vocabulary for it.

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