Mumbling and the Drawing Life

February 19, 2016


Above: Contour drawing of Dick as he sat in the TV room. 9 x 12 inch Flex Book sketchbook that I'll review next week. Montana Marker in the background.

This is another post for my current "Drawing Practice" students, to show I don't just boss them around, but also Dick, who poses for me all the time. Though I really wish once in awhile there would be a brownie on offer.

Click on the image to read about the evening.

    • Christine
    • February 19, 2016

    I was laughing so hard I could hardly read this to Jerry! I call this “Life with Dick and Roz”. Hope you two have a good weekend.

  1. Reply

    Yep, me drawing him all the time and not getting any brownies!!!! You two have a great weekend too.

    • Nancy
    • February 19, 2016

    too funny! hope your students are loving you up as much as the last class did 🙂
    also thanks for the Gorhka tip – it is FAB!

    still drawing every day, looking forward to tomorrow! thanks ROZ! and of course, Dick (that goes without saying)

    • Pat
    • February 21, 2016

    “Loving Roz up”. Hubby said you were a task master. I said yup, that’s why I took the class!

    This is not a tease. I make a mean brownie from scratch… no nuts, some semi sweet choc chips that melt when baking and a little cinnamon with real cocoa. There’s no icing on top, just fudgie goodness.

    Off to do homework! Thanks!

  2. Reply

    Your hubby is right. I am one bossy…

    Send recipe for from scratch brownies NOW!

    Sketch, sketch, sketch.

  3. Reply

    Nancy, I think right now the students are more stunned than anything, but perhaps in the aftermath they can feel my “complete” plan for them! Glad you could join in the webinar. Keep on sketching and sketching.

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