Shading and Values with the Dry Brush Pen

February 17, 2016

160207_Dick-DryBrushCRLeft: 9 x 12 inch sketch of Dick as he sat at his computer desk and looked over at me. Pentel Brush Pen with pigment ink and squeezy barrel. Flex Book paper.

Today's post is for my current "Drawing Practice" students. We've been discussing whether it's possible to get some shading done with the Pentel Brush Pen (with pigment ink and a squeezy barrel).

I believe it is. I simply don't squeeze the pen after I get started. I do all my contours with the heavy black ink flow and by the time it starts to dry out I can go in and scrub in some shadow values.

When I finished and turned to go—

Dick: Can I see it?

I flipped it around so he could view it. (Let me tell you he looked physically ill when I started to draw and he saw me fold the sewn-signature sketchbook back on itself—more about that in the upcoming review.) 

Dick: That's a relief. The whole time you were just scribbling back and forth with the brush grinding into the paper and I thought, well I didn't know what to think.


    • linda welch
    • February 17, 2016

    Thanks for posting this, Roz! I like the way you created the shadow values with the pen dried out!

    • Tina
    • February 17, 2016

    After living with you all these years, watching you abuse so many art materials, he still winces when you fold back a sketchbook? Seems like he would be immune to it all. 😉 I love this dry brush toning! I’ll have to try that, too.

    – Tina

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    Of course Tina! He knows I love books. I rarely abuse my books. And some of them even filled, look perfect, well (smiling) I have to say I am a good bookbinder.

    Only since the shoulder injury and a few years of commercial books and some really odd papers (Japanese Lined journals for instance) could you say that some of the books I’ve used are showing wear.

    I would never turn one of my bound books that way because they aren’t bound to do that!

    But he is totally immune to the way I abuse PAPER!

    Have fun with dry brush.

  2. Reply

    Thanks Linda, I hope you give it a go!

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