Bicycling: Some Thoughts

April 4, 2014


Above: a quick sketch of a massive snow pile in the Roseville Best Buy parking lot, late one very cold night. Approx. 8 inches square. Dick and I had just been shooting scenes for my video lessons for Semester 1 of Sketchbook Skool and we stopped to get some very over-priced camera cards at the only place that was open. I was working in the journal I used for my sketching demos.

I thought I'd better get this snow pile sketch up because the snow piles are actually melting here pretty fast. (Though we are also getting cold days and slushy snow whenever we think we are in the clear.)

UPDATE: 9:15 a.m. I set this post to publish at 4 a.m. this morning at the beginning of the week without regard to weather forecasts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Last night we had seven inches of new snow with another two expected. (Now I'm paying attention to the weather reports.) I can step out the door and draw all the snow piles I want.

I'm waiting for the roads to be really clear of ice (though there are so many pot holes I'm worried about those too) before I get out on the road with my bike.  

In the meantime I can think about being out on the road again, and I can smile at the daredevil cyclists who've already donned their tights and hit the "iffy" road conditions.

My favorite post on bicycling is actually also my first post on it: Hairdos Matter. Posted on October 12, 2008 I had not been blogging long. I had also only just returned to cycling July 1, 2008. I'd spent the end of the summer and the fall, enjoying rediscovering the joy of cycling. This post is not only a good introduction to who I am as a person, but an overview of my hairstyles through my life.

You can read some of my thoughts on bicycling in my December 8, 2011 post: Bicycling, Addiction, Joy, and Peace on Earth.

You can see why it's so easy for me to go out the door and cycle (when the snow isn't on the ground) by reading: I Live in the Best Place in the World.

Note: Don't forget Sketchbook Skool starts today (April 4, 2014). There's still time to register and join in the fun. Check out the website, the instructors' info, and the fun things they have planned for you.

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