Thoughts on Selecting a Palette of Pigments

April 7, 2014


Left: Remember I wrote when I introduced "The Hiatus" that the image wouldn't necessarily go with the topic…8.5 x 11 inch sketch in violet ink (parallel pen) on yellow Tiziano.

In keeping with "The Hiatus" I've decided to suggest you revisit some posts on how I go about selecting a color palette to use in watercolor, gouache, and also acrylic paints.

First up there's a post from November 2009. The blog was only a year old and I was already harping on about color. 

Fun of the Best Kind: Work—Choosing a Palette

I write about why I use Burnt Sienna, and have some tips on how to go about selecting pigments for your palette. I also deliver a little bit of tough love. (Which seems a common theme in my color theory posts.)

Earlier that year in April I wrote about testing some new Daniel Smith Watercolors and you can read about that here.

And finally (for today's review) I posted about "Another Way to Approach Terra Rosa from M. Graham," which might interest you if you want to see a fun triad chart and learn why certain choices matter to me.

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