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Roz’s 2016 End-of-Year Wrap Up

Above: My year-end assessment, usually made around Thanksgiving, of how many journal pages I have to finish. This year I was testing a lot of commercially bound journals and had a bunch of journals going. This page was scanned before the Large Nostalgie was filled on 12.30.16, and before the Loose Sheets and Bell Museum project […]


Daily Practice for the Mind and the Body: Staying in the Game

Above: Aviary residents sketched with a hard solid felt tipped brush point “calligraphy” pen from Tomboy. I stopped on this day between visit with Phyl and CR, to take a mental break and refresh myself, and simply move the pen across the paper (Seawhite journal) and see how amenable the tip is to the quick […]


My 2015 End-of-Year Evaluation and Wrap Up

Above: 11 x 15 inch sketch on cheap ("I'll fall apart if you put wet media on me like you're trying to do" Paper), with Pentel Pigment brush pen and Pentel Dye-based brush pen with water. Selfie, showing my painting shirt, sketched while standing before a mirror in the bathroom. I was sketching Dick on this […]


Bicycling: Some Thoughts

See the full post for details.

A Few More Thoughts on Cycling

See the full post for details.

Fall—Everyone Celebrates It Differently

See the full post for details.

Roz Cycles through 2012, Finding Her Way Back to Balance

See the full post for details.


Final Totals for 2011

See the full post for details.


Bicycling, Addiction, Joy, and Peace on Earth

See the full post for details.


Another Dog with Attitude from an Artist with Attitude!

See post for details.

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