Scott Listfield and Visual News

February 26, 2013

Carl has a new favorite painter: Scott Listfield who paints astronauts and sometimes dinosaurs! 

I found out about Listfield through Visual News. I don't know how I started getting little notes in my email box from Visual News. I must have subscribed to it after someone sent me there for something visual. (I'm not a big subscriber to anything on the internet. OK I subscribe to new videos of Maru!) I'm glad I did, and if you like visual stuff I recommend you go and check it out.

If I had not been getting these emails I would have missed learning about Listfield in this post by Shawn Saleme.

Of course my favorite painting of Listfield's is the Astronaut on a country road looking at the "Alien" crossing sign. Pure joy when I look at that—Alien reduced to infographic. (Also a little scary.)

While you're over at Visual News check out the post—Gifs: Nature Repeats Itself (also, incidently written by Shawn Saleme). It's amazing what you can do with gifs. I particularly like the goose flying gif.

Warning—if you get over to Visual News you'll probably spend some time there checking things out. I guess I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the post. Oops.

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