Stacy Stanley’s Talk at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective

February 25, 2013

Above: Stacy Stanley presents her project.

February 18, 2013 Minneapolis artist Stacy Stanley presented her process for a commissioned illustration for the Minneapolis Farmer's Market commemorative bag. Twenty some Collective members braved the cold temps to come out and learn about Stacy's experience from start to finish.

BDifferentCompositions05367Left: Sketches made to work out composition. ©2012 Stacy Stanley.

Stacy made several trips to the Minneapolis Farmer's market to gather resource material in the form of sketches and photographs. 

Next she met with the client to discuss "needs" and wishes. The client wanted the inclusion of several elements from things as iconic as the Minneapolis skyline and the red-roofed sheds to simple elements such as egg cartons and beets. The client also specified the need to include a crowd of ethnically diverse shoppers.

Stacy went through several compositional rounds to incorporate all the necessary items, including the typography. Eventually she hit upon the use of a five point perspective grid (which creates a sort of fish-eye view) on which she would ultimately compose all the required elements.


Left: Perspective studies Stacy worked on. ©2012 Stacy Stanley.

Once Stacy had the layout approved she worked on color sketches to incorporate the bright, primary colors requested by the client. 


Right: Stacy's color tests. ©2012 Stacy Stanley.

The final artwork was a pen and watercolor illustration which the client had scanned and silkscreened.


Left: The final bag. Artwork ©2012 Stacy Stanley.

Stacy gave a wonderful presentation of her process from journal sketching and information gathering through final printed product. 

Following a question and answer period for Stacy's project, Suzanne Hughes presented the Collective's next collaborative visual journaling project. You can see examples prepared by me and Suzanne in my post from Saturday, February 23.

We then spent time sharing journal work from the past month. I didn't get photos of work from everyone who shared, but I did get the following:

Above: Barbara Gibson shared sketches of her dogs and some woodland scenes. ©2013 Barbara Gibson.

Above: The ever resourceful Jean Shannon shared sketches of Japanese toys from her journal and explained how she used a bit of red paper collage to cover the "too wide" image on the left and bring it back to proper proportion! A great bit of cropping. Jean is also cutting up glassine envelopes and tipping them in as protector sheets when she has used media that smear. ©2013 Jean Shannon.

Above: Karen Engelbretson is combining her love of jazz with sketching by sketching band members when she goes out for a musical evening. ©2013 Karen Engelbretson.

The next MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting will be March 18, 2013 from 7 to 9 p.m. Architect and urban sketcher James Nutt will join us to talk about digital sketching with the iPad. Come and find out more about James, his work, why he loves sketching on the iPad, and information about the digital classes he has been developing.

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