Scavenging for Graphics: Ballpark Graphics

January 23, 2013

Above: Minnesota Twins 1963 Yearbook.

I love this cover type and art. It seems totally of its time, in the same way that the ornate curlicued typography of the various jars and cans I've posted in the past represents the time in printing history of those objects.

Looking at all this printed stuff over time I see how, without knowing it, preferences for composition (and negative space) have seeded in my own mind, often with two vastly different historical notions ending side by side (and perhaps not coexisting well at all). 

If you find yourself in a "antiques" mall, find some printed matter to cast your eyes over. Even a large collection of National Geographic will tell you much about how printing and typography and visual tastes change over time. Some really great designs grew out of printing limitations that many designers never face today. And every age has its excesses. They are just differently expressed.

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    A blast from the past…this yearbook reminds me so much of the sketches and design layouts we did in college. Remember wax and galley proofs from the typesetter? I still love this style of work! Thanks for showing it!

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    I loved working with a waxer, I used it for my private projects (Zines and such) even after everything was mostly digital. But then it sprung a leak. And I had to toss it. It’s nice not doing all the cutting and pasting (especially in large projects) but I also sort of miss it.

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