MCBA Fundraiser Happening Today

November 15, 2012

Today (November 15, 2012) is the day you can help Minnesota Center for Book Arts with their "Give to the Max Day" campaign. This is a one-day push to encourage philanthropic giving to raise funds for repairs and maintenance.  

I have been teaching classes at MCBA since 2000 and I really believe in this organization and their approach. I think MCBA has created a vibrant artistic community that has made an impact in the lives of countless people, young and old, through their exhibits and programs. Every time I'm there people wander in and are amazed at what is going on, what a lovely resource (for access to printing and binding equipment) MCBA is, and how powerful the art in the exhibits is.

You can give a little as $10, and every little bit will help.

Watch the fun video that explains how just $10 makes a difference. Support artists! Support creativity! Support MCBA! Join us and spread the word! Art changes lives. Period. Go to

Update November 16, 2012: If you missed the fundraising day yesterday, don't worry you can donate any time to MCBA. Go to their website to find contact information.

    • Marsha Micek
    • November 15, 2012

    You might want to contribute to MCBA through some entity other than razoo. I tried to give to another organization earlier today through them and got bumped off while sending my credit card info. Now I don’t know if I actually contributed or if my information was secure.

    A word to the wise.

  1. Reply

    Marsha, I’ll pass this information along to Jeff. I haven’t ever dealt with “razoo” and only know this is now MCBA set things up. If people want to contribute and have difficulty at the link they can of course call MCBA directly and contribute there. Thanks for letting me know about this Marsha.

  2. Reply

    Marsha, I just went to make my donation through razoo and everything went fine. I don’t have an account with razoo and didn’t start one, I got all the way through the process and at the end of the process it gave confirmation and also allowed me the option of posting about it on facebook and twitter. I’m sorry your experience didn’t go smoothly.

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