Scavenging for Graphics: Soda Pop Bottles

November 14, 2012

SodaBottles6042Left: Two "vintage" soda pop bottles that I found in a Collectibles Market.

While the market may seem to be dominated by certain beverages there was a time when other brands battled for a piece of the action.

Zephyr—Grapefruit soda. I would have liked to have tried that.

Cheer Up seems to have been a precursor or competitor to 7-Up.

While I'm not a beer drinker it is interesting to me that we are seeing an emergence of small breweries for beer—all with local "tastes," approaches, and some really cool graphics. I wonder how long that trend will continue and how the various brands will shuffle out. Years from now many of those bottles will be on collectible shelves…


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    I heard on the radio recently that beer consumption is down a bit nationally. People are cutting back to save money where they can…but the number of people who are brewing their own beer is up!

    I have an old Tru Ade soda bottle (it’s clear glass) and really enjoy your vintage label photos. I am trying to resist getting more, though. Collections have a way of taking over, you know?…=)

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    Dianne, it’s because collections have a way of taking over that I’ve started doing this digital collection of “found” graphics. With print items I used to purchase a lot of them and then I’d have aging and often moldy paper to store, all a huge problem beyond the space issue. With the digital collection I can look at things when I want to but the storage is practically non-existent. And I have nothing to store and dust. I love it. Have you tried doing this?

    I find that most of the things I’m attracted to and want to have just get stored away somewhere anyway because of the dust/smell issues and because I don’t really have a house that has room for display of such things.

    I’ll still by old photos—some things are difficult for me to pass by!

    • Kathleen Richert
    • November 17, 2012

    The good news is that many of the old sodas and some new varieties to boot are available. The widest selection I have seen is at the big yellow apple barn on Hwy 169, near Jordan, MN. I believe I saw Cheer Up there and several sorts of grapefruit/citrus sodas. I bought a four-pack of different flavors- a cactus fruit soda and one called Cheer Wine which I quite liked. Stuart bought a couple of types of cream soda, including a maple cream soda. These were a little too sweet for me.

    The hardware store down by Wet Paint also boasted a selection of vintage and off beat sodas over the summer- but it might have been a seasonal thing. I believe they carried Ale-8, among others.

    The apple barn near Jordan brags that they have more types of licorice than anyone else– and they have a lot of puzzles too.

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    Kathleen, thanks for the tip about the big yellow apple barn on 169 near Jordan. I’ll have to check it out. The licorice collection sounds very intriguing.

    I’ve written about the soda shoppe inside Frattallones Ace Hardware on Grand.

    I didn’t have much time to look at them all but I know they had some citrus drinks.

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