Missing a Sketch Out, Sort of…

July 2, 2012

See the post for complete details.

120610DishPantryWindowLeft: Sketch made with pen and watercolor in a roughly 8 inch square journal made with TH Saunders Waterford 90 lb. HP watercolor paper. (You can see the watermark on the left side of the page.) Read below for details.

June 10, 2012 I'd hoped to go on a sketch out with my friends Ken and Roberta Avidor—Lake street, a good portion of it, was going to go pedestrian and there were all sorts of events planned by various groups. It was called "Open Streets." You can see the fabulous work Ken, Roberta, and others did at this post on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities. Hearty souls from Metro Sketchers also braved the heat and wind. You can see their work at the Metro Sketchers page in Facebook.

Unfortunately on that day I had two injuries with which to cope. I decided that it was best to not venture out in the 91 degree Fahrenheit day.

As you may have guessed, I'm pretty bossy with myself about going to sketching events even when I'm not "quite up to it" or in the mood. But I thought it prudent to stay home. My left hand couldn't hold my book if I stood (which I typically do when sketching) and my back-of-the-leg wound prevented me from sitting except for the shortest times.

I'm glad I did stay in. I ended up having to go back to the doctor for another look at the infection (which is long gone now; and I'm happy to say the hand is much improved).

But I did want to participate in spirit so I went to the window and sketched this small view of our neighbor's roof. I stood, and rested the book on the pantry counter. (It's nice to have a counter!)

The watermark running vertically on the left side of the page is much more visible in the scan than in person and I didn't run my left edge of the "window" down it deliberately. It was just happenstance that's where I decided to end my left margin. (I like painting over watermarks as they add some interesting texture to paintings.)

In other good news Dick did finish installing the new dishwasher and it is SO VERY QUIET that the first two times I ran it I had to come into the kitchen to check that it was actually working.

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