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July 3, 2012

Above: Quick sketches made while watching "Suits," using the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in the in-studio Fabriano Venezia journal (9 x 12 inch page size). I stopped the DVR, they weren't that quick!

This show review is way overdue (don't even talk to me about my review for "Terriers"—I'm still dealing with the heartache of its cancellation). "Suits" on USA Network is already into its second season.

I have loved it from the first episode for one reason. Gabriel Macht is the sexiest man on television. The moment he opened his mouth I practically fell off my chair. He has that rare quality as an actor to be at once sort of retro and yet totally modern. I call this the "built-in nostalgia factor"—that object of desire we have always wanted and fondly remembered, even if it was just a suggestion, a figment, a twinkle, or a 5-second glimpse on a busy street. Some people just call this charisma. I think it is so much more.

It doesn't hurt that Macht, who plays lawyer Harvey Specter, is dressed impecabbly. There is nothing as sexy as a man in a well-fitted suit. And suits right now are totally playing to my sense of perfection—sleek, fitted; it's definitely a nostalgia thing for me.

And it certainly doesn't hurt that he has a clipped and brusque way of speaking—words always knife point sharp. Harvey is not tired of being the smartest person in the room.

I can forgive the show's writers for giving a young character (the actor was born in 1972) a love of Captain Kirk. Young Harvey wouldn't have been able to view the original "Star Trek" episodes until he was older, catching it in reruns or eventually on video. His character's liking for Kirk can't come from watching the movies alone (another long digression would be needed here to explain this), and I don't know if the writers want this to tell us something about Harvey and his past (and the fact that he had time to watch TV reruns), but I thank them all the same.

There are many ways to understand someone, and what they like tells us much about them. Watch someone for a few minutes interacting with others and then ask them who their favorite "Star Trek" Enterprise captain is. Your observations and the answer to this question will tell you all you need to know.

If they say Picard (apolgies to Patrick Stewart who is a fine actor but the victim of touchy-feely-let's-all-come-to-a-consensus episodes) be prepared to be bored. If they say they haven't watched "Star Trek" just walk away (politely if you must). If they say Scott Bakula you'll have to ask some follow up questions to narrow in on what that answer is really telling you (but all hope is not lost). 

But if they say Kirk (and I mean the original Kirk, played by William Shatner, not Kirk 2.0 played by Chris Pine in the rebooted movie franchise—because that Kirk is not Kirk and don't get me started on all the ways he isn't and couldn't possible be, even if they hadn't screwed with the space-time continuum) be prepared to be entertained.

If this doesn't seem like a good way to profile a new acquaintance than you can always use the standard fall back—a five-minute hand of the card game "Spit." But trust me that route is dangerous. You may in fact find it gives you TMI (too much information—in this case exposing all the little quirks the player thinks he can hide).

Yep, it's better to go with the "Favorite Enterprise captain" question, and be prepared to walk away. There are somethings we really shouldn't know until after we've known someone for a long, long time. 

In Harvey's case this little bit of knowledge tells us all we need to know about Harvey's confidence, and his sense of place in the world, as well as his ethics. And when enemy lawyers launch Klingon-type attacks in his direction he never lets up. He can't.

That's very fun to watch. 

"Suits" also has an excellent supporting cast about which you can read on the show's website

Catch up on the past season however you can.

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    I’ve never asked the question but I have sat back and listened to people discuss Star Trek. It didn’t take long to sort them:)) I raised my kids on Trek. Kids never listen to their parents but they’ll take the advice of a loved TV character and Trek just happened to share a lot of my philosophies. The kids never outgrew that connection and consider themselves Trekkers.

    • Dana
    • July 3, 2012

    Roz, I just checked… there’s a Suits marathon on USA starting at 6am on Thursday (the 5th). It’s on ’till 7pm. If anyone has a DVR this might be the time to use it. Unfortunately, I don’t… and I can’t watch 13 straight hours of TV no matter how good the show is.

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    Dana I once watched 13 hours of Paladin! There was a retro station having a marathon and I wanted to see them. It didn’t take too long before all the story lines sort of mooshed together! So I understand your predicament. If you get a chance to watch the first episode you could at least see if you enjoy it and then at some later date you could rent the DVDs when they come out. But thanks for giving comment readers a heads up about the marathon.

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