Roz Knows a Famous Model

August 26, 2011

See the post for complete details.

That's right, my friend Buster is modeling for Target. You can see Buster here in a banana costume (well he is a dachshund). And here Buster reclines on a doggie bed. While you can tell from the photos (even the goofy one) that he's a handsome little guy, what you can't know from the photos, is that he is sweet, energetic, and just plain adorable. He is also a canine good citizen who makes regular trips into the hospital to cheer up patients!

His family and friends are quite proud of him. I couldn't resist sharing this new with you.

In other news: The Minnesota State Fair began yesterday. If all goes well I'll be attending several times over the next 10 days, including tomorrow's sketch out. I've set up some non-Fair posts for next week, in case I'm too jittery from too much Salt Water Taffy to compose a post when I get home. Expect an update on my trip(s) to the Fair to follow at a later date. Right now I have to focus!

If you can't get to the sketch out, sketch a doggie friend!

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    Buster knows how to rock an outfit! Amazing. Once again, very funny, Roz.

    • Cate
    • August 26, 2011

    What a sweetie!! 😀

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    Looking forward to the fair sketches. I love the sheep and cows, especially. (Well, so far as the fair animals go…overall, it’s the elephants and the camels that have my heart. I sketched some elephants while watching them live on the Africam yesterday!)

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    Sent the banana costume image to my dachy grand dog in Virginia.

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