Same Location, Don’t Be Fooled by the Different Stand at the First Meeting Place for This Year’s Fair Sketch Out!

August 26, 2011

See the full post for clarification of the Sketch Out Meeting place!

EMERGENCY UPDATE 8.26.11: I've just returned from my first visit to the Fair this year and they have moved the cinnamon bun stand to the Northwest corner, across from the cattle barn. A BRIDGEMAN'S ICE CREAM STAND is on the Northeast Corner now. Look for us at Bridgeman's on the Northeast corner.

Same corner, different concession stand.

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    Dang – wasn’t able to make the Saturday Sketch Out – sorry I missed you all. But I AM going Sunday (Lordetta willing and the crick don’t rise). IF I go to bed! Perhaps I will see other sketchers… you know, sketching. 🙂 I will be drawing livestock, I hope. And perhaps people.

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    I hope you can get out there even as I type (Sunday). If you haven’t already left I would recommend that you NOT GO SUNDAY, because the barns closed today at 2 p.m. (might have been 3, but I think it’s 2 p.m.)

    Sunday is a change over day this year. So is Thursday for folks who are wondering what day to go and see animals. Thursday would also be limited. And Wednesday at 3 p.m. the horse barn closes until 8 p.m. I think, but I’m not a horse person so I don’t follow it.

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    Ah, too late smart. I went today, and the barns closed at 3. But I had a good sketch period in the AM – watching a cow give birth. A couple liked one of my pages so much that they took a photo of me and my sketch – what a hoot! I wish I’d had more time with the animals, but them’s the breaks. And frankly, I was tired and had to get home anyhow. I didn’t know about changeover before — good to know for next time!

    It was also SUPER busy today. Glad I got there when I did! A new low point: some woman nearly climbed into my lap at one point to watch the cow (I brought my power wheelchair, which was fabulous for getting around, except in the thick crowds, and the pushy woman in my lap).

    Next year, I’ll be more prepared!

    PS: Loved your painting in the art show – gorgeous!

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    Serena, don’t forget to send me some jpegs and pick up at button at the September Collective meeting!

    Glad you had a mostly positive drawing experience.

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