Reminder: Summer Classes in Bookbinding and Journaling

June 30, 2011

See the post for complete details.

Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10, 2011 I am teaching two book arts classes (which can be taken together as a two-day workshop for a tuition discount). You can read about the classes, Soft-cover Sketchbooks in a Flash, and Scavenger Hunt Journaling here. There is still space in each class. I look forward to seeing you for these book arts adventures.

    • June 30, 2011

    Go easy on my Mama, Roz. She’s new to this book art stuff!

  1. Reply

    Liz, no worries. To paraphrase one of Tom Hank’s film characters: “there’s no crying in bookbinding.”

    Now if she had signed up for a tracking class it would be another matter!

    Of course I might have to subject your mother to an intensive questionnaire to find out more about YOU! Oh, wait I get it that would probably fall under the category of “go easy” on her! Drat.

    • LizzieBo
    • June 30, 2011

    It would be great if you had some kind of book binding workshop on-line for those of us who are unfortunate enough not to live near you. I made my first journal with duck tape, which might offend your sensibilities, but I took it to a summer camp on the coast and USED IT UP!! I also covered the cover with clear packing tape to keep water off it. I had a lot of fun making it (from a tutorial by Diana Trout) and am planning to make another, but it would be nice to make an upgraded version (now that I don’t have to worry about spray). I took my pentel pocket brush WHICH I LOVE and the Niji waterbrush, which I learned how to use. Thanks for all the information about these things – it has really helped me find tools that work for me!

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    LizzieBo, I love duct tape!!!! I am always making books out of odd things like plastic and bits of stuff, even waterproof paper. I even taught a class where we used Tent tape!!! I think people need to use what’s at hand to make a book that’s usable! That’s all that matters. I happen to enjoy making books with paper I’ve painted myself hence the way I do my main books. I hope someday there will be a book of my methods and ideas, with step-by-step photos that will be useful to far-flung folks.

    I’m glad you’re loving the PPBP. It is the best. I stayed up late last night playing with mine because it was calling to me and I hadn’t had a chance to draw yet. They are wonderful!

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