Project Journal Infiltration Update

May 23, 2011

See the post for two new infiltrations!

Photo 21 Left: Project Journal Infiltration page from artist Mark Odegard. Artwork ©2010 Mark Odegard.

I need to catch up in posting for Project Journal Infiltration! I'm excited that sketches continue to come in. (PJI last through Labor Day and you can read all about it under "Pages" in the left column.)

Today I have two new entries. The first, from artist Mark Odegard is from our Minnesota Journal Project 2000 Ten-year Reunion in November 2010. It's me. (I was so busy talking I didn't even realize he was sketching—stealth sketching, the best kind of sketching out.) (Note: the link I have to Mark's website is not working so I will look into that and update this post ASAP. Please check back, because you really do want to see Mark's journals!)

Also I have infiltrated Miss T's journal. (She unfortunately doesn't have a website to which I can link.) MissT

Right: Miss T captures me sketching, artwork ©2011 Miss T.

Miss T attended the May 7, 2011 sketch out at the Shepherd's Festival (OK, it has a way longer title than that, but I can't remember it), in Lake Elmo. She was working on pre-painted journal cards that I think were about 7 x 7 inches. I was standing in the barn sketching sheep when she caught me, also exactly. (That's a polar fleece earband—I wear these until it's over 60 degrees Fahrenheit.)

All I can say is this is shaping up to be a really, really good project!

Thank you to both Mark and Miss T, and to the other artists who have been participating. If I haven't infiltrated your journal yet (and you live in the Twin Cities and can catch me live), watch out for me at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meetings and of course the Minnesota State Fair.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • May 23, 2011

    Earmuffs at 60F, goodness me, for Sunny Scotland that’s “Roasting” hot. Girls in shorts and spaghetti strap teeshirts. More bare wobbly , slightly blue tinged skin than you’d ever want to see. Been a tad blustery here, winds in the 40mph plus with gusts to 80mph so tomorrow hopefully some intersting windswept places to visit, maybe a driftwood strewn beach or two. Went to a beach after a terrible storm once, all the sand had gone, and left behind was a mass of lunar craters and slabs of sandstone, was a great days’ photographing though

  1. Reply

    Leslie, 60 degrees F is pretty much roasting hot for me as well. I don’t like much over 65 degrees F. The earband is more a superstition thing, and a comfort thing. I can stand outside in Zero pretty much in a t-shirt and long pants if I have a neck gaiter and earband on. Long ago, when I was running, I found that if I kept my ears covered in cold temps I got sick less frequently. This is probably totally coincidental, but now, even if I’m going out the door in a t-shirt and slacks, if it’s 60 degrees or below I put the earband on.

    Also I don’t like wind in my ears and I spend a lot of time on windy hilltops.

    My basic thought on dressing is to do so in such a way that I can be comfortable, standing still and not moving at all, regardless of the conditions, which includes standing for hours on icy ground (something I used to do all the time when tracking with the girls. Then of course there were our other activities. When you walk 4-hours a day, every day, regardless of weather, you develop these little patterns of dress. The girls loved being out so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible so that they knew I was enjoying myself as well.

    And habit turns into superstition!

    All I can say is last year in August we had a cold snap and I went to the Fair (my 4th trip) and didn’t wear my earband and the temp kept dropping! Two days later I was sick, and less than a week later I had pneumonia.

    THings like that reinforce my superstitions!

    Glad we don’t have winds like that here right now, 16 mph was plenty this morning on my ride.

    • Miss T
    • May 23, 2011

    Thanks, Roz! It was fun having you infiltrate my Shepherd’s Harvest journal.

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