The Best Laid Plans…

May 24, 2011

See the post for complete details.

BFNook9978 Left: The Breakfast Nook in June 2010.

I was going through my files and setting up posts for this week. I came upon this photo—the Breakfast Nook last summer. The wall had been torn up for 5 years and we pushed to finally get it done before we had house guests in April or May (I don't recall the exact dates) of 2010.

I also remember that last year when we had a little dachshund bitch come and stay for 38 hours (I would have liked her to stay for longer, but that was the extent of the "loan," though I did train her to potty on command! And I do this in the kindest of ways, with observation, repetition of the magic word, and some well-timed treats) we had to put a piece of foamcore in the heat register (by the bicycle's front tire) so she wouldn't slip down into the duct work. (The original register cover had been lost during the 5 years we were working on this project!)

It looks nothing like this now. (And I think this looks pretty good!) We ended up finishing just before our spring 2010 houseguests arrived, but only 30 hours before their arrival. I didn't think we should paint the walls and make them put up with the paint smell during their visit.

Then there never seemed to be time to paint. And of course in the summer one always wants to be riding one's bike.

I could choose to be upset that we are going on 6 years of no kitchen table space, no access to the perforator (that's what's under the sheet), and no place to make paste paper (I make it on the table in the Nook, and set the paper wetting tray in the center of the kitchen floor).

Instead I'm happy to report I have an exceedingly low blood pressure and no stress about this at all (though I am running low on paste paper!). During the winter we had an ice dam and the roof sprung a leak. At first Dick didn't believe me, but the Nose is ALWAYS right. The leak is clearly visible above the top left window if you were to look at the Breakfast Nook today.

Now I'm glad that I didn't take the time to paint, and spent the summer on my bike. We have to have the roof fixed and now we don't have to "re-paint."

There's no point to today's post, no art point. I just find it incredibly humorous. And fortuitous. Wait, here's the point, both art and life—choosing to not let the mess bother you can give you time to make a lot more art. It isn't for everyone, but it works for me. My blood pressure is, as I said, very low, and not all of that is due to the miles logged on the bike last summer. I choose painting—not walls, but paper!

    • Carolyn
    • May 24, 2011

    I found this post quite inspiring and then, the icing on the cake!: “both art and life—choosing to not let the mess bother you can give you time to make a lot more art.” ( . . . and bicycle, swim, hike, whatever brings more life to your life.)

    PS. I don’t see the mess in your picture, actually. A life-in-progress, perhaps, and a clean floor.

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    Sounds like you’ve got a sound mind in spite of being an artist, lol. I have to agree few things should take precedence over doing what you love. For me, it’s art and the grandkids. Well, visiting my sisters falls in there too. Glad you get to look on this as a plus!

    • Linda
    • May 24, 2011

    Roz mess are good more time to do art I say:)Your class on the strathmore site are wonderful, for the first time there is someone(YOU) who explains the golden spot I can not thank you enough in words here how much this information ment to me.Your the best Roz again the stuff you write for us to read and the way you explain things for a beginner all here by her own learning these things you show and write about mean so much your taking the time to do this is really a big deal to me and I wish there was a way for me to come to your classes I’d be a better beginner to go on in my art adventure for it. You can tell you deepy love art and teaching it.
    Thanks again Roz from the bottom of my heart,

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    I LOVE the light coming thru those windows… I’d want to be painting paper at that table… mess, what mess? we have a rule around here,… if it offends you.. clean it up… when it offends me I’ll clean it up… over the years my husband has become VERY tolerant (and thus avoids cleaning)… and I have done the same… it works for us…

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    If one good deed can increase the sum total of good in the world, then a piece of art can surely help increase the beauty in our world; your decision is absolutely right. The world won’t end of you don’t paint a wall, but if we are unable to create, whatever our chosen field, then the world is poorer for it.

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    Elaine, yep, there is a lot of lovely light there! Sadly probably the nicest light in the house!

    I like your thoughts on clean up!

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    Thanks Caroline, that’s how I feel.

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    Thank you Linda, I appreciate your kind words.

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    Hi Roz, it’s Kate (Wet Paint). Let me know if you want some of my paste paper. I’m happy to share as mine is not getting a lot of use at the moment.

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    You were able to trail the leak with your sense of smell? Quite sensitive. But seeing as you had hesitations with repainting, I guess it’s part of the package. I hope the renovation continues to be successful.

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    Gabrielle, this is a small feet of nose-manship compared to others I’ve done. Like a sewer leak which stymied 3 plumbers, but I knew exactly where it was and kept standing right where the leak was supposed to be, but they all said the pipes are fine there. (Finally got up on a ladder and looked DOWN on the pipes and we saw how they were worn away on the top side from the previous owner’s acidic cleaning regimen. And then when I worked at a publishing house I always knew when my colleagues were pregnant by the smell of their skin—which was useful because I could plan my work flow to be all set for the extra work I’d be assigned when they made the announcement and later departed.

    Having a good nose has been very helpful in life.

    Repairs are going slowly, but we are also going to have the entire roof replaced (age) and I think that we are finally on track for a fully functioning kitchen in the not too distant future! I’m excited.

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