Project Journal Infiltration: An Update

February 19, 2011

See the post for new in-roads into journals!

Roz20LynneBucher Left: Lynne Bucher's first sketch of me in her journal. ©2010 Lynne Bucher.

I'm a little behind in posting PJI sketches of me. Some of you will remember that I started this project last August. (I actually started the cunning plan earlier, but I made it a project in August!) 

It has come to my attention that many people believe Project Journal Infiltration ended last year. Oh no. It runs through Labor Day 2011. That's right, you still have 6 months and a bit to capture me in sketch form (from life) in your journal.

If you click on the link you can read about the project in detail. There is still plenty of time to enter.

Also, coming up soon at The Official International Fake Journal Blog, I'll be starting a second phase of the project that will be fun for anyone joining in with a fake journal this year—so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.

And Thank You Lynne for the two lovely sketches of me from a Bell Sketch night!

RozbuggedLynneBucher Right: Lynne's second sketch of me at the Bell Sketch night—insect theme night. ©2010 Lynne Bucher.

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