Gouache and a Fun Day

February 18, 2011

Just some stuff that happened. See the post.

Above: Portrait of a woman, gouache over Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch. In a journal I made with Gutenberg; 6 x 8 inches approx. The tab in the center is from a page I pre-cut out when I started the journal—to make space for collage material. It's not stuck down and if you flip it up I've painted hair under there as well, though not all the way to the gutter.

I've been playing around with gouache in my journal getting my head ready for yesterday's talk. This is one of the last spreads in the last journal. I had some Holbein gouache on the palette. It's very opaque and fun to play with in the studio (doesn't rewet well so I don't make pans of it to take into the field). I was playing around with a very limited palette. There is a very light purple showing through the hair at various places, and that was actually the base I started from.

Yesterday I spoke to 27 women about gouache. At the end of the 90-minute session where I had given them all a plate with red, blue, yellow and white, and walked them through a couple exercises, one woman came up to me and said that she "got it" and it was worth coming just "to learn the difference between a wet, moist, and dry brush."

I'm good with that. We build the interest slowly. One person at a time.(OK, 3 other people told me they were going to give gouache a go.)

I stopped at Wet Paint on my way home because I needed to pick up some little paint cups for the Collective meeting on Monday. I met a man there who had spent two months in Budapest learning to make his own shoes (he pulled the pair out of a box to show us and they were lovely). (Of course there is more to this story, but you sort of had to be there. I'm just saying, it was one of those days!)

I sat in my car and drew a vicious snow pile melting in the 43 degree F air. (More on this later.)

I came home and called my friend Diane to talk about a couple things—mostly to tell her that I got a really nice note from the bike mechanic, when I picked up my bike, telling me what how great it was to work on a bike when someone takes care of preventative maintenance. It made me smile. Of course, happy mechanic, happy bike, happy Roz. (You do realize that it's almost road time again don't you? Despite the above average temperatures we've been having lately, and the incredible melt—crenelated snow piles everywhere—it's still not road time for me, but I can smell it in the air.)

So go get your bike turned up and ready if you haven't yet (Hub is actually having a sale on tune ups). AND if you haven't tried gouache I encourage you to do so. It will give you something to do in your free time until you can hit the road. Go ahead, just slather the gouache on your page, it's fun. It will make you deliriously happy. You'll meet interesting people. Your mechanic will leave you a nice note.

OK, so maybe none of this stuff is connected, but the reality is painting with gouache will make you happy! And biking certainly won't hurt your mood either.

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