Contagious, Yes; Rabid, No

February 9, 2011

Above: dog sketch from the current journal which is one I made with Gutenberg; 6 x 8 inches approx.

I seem to be working out of my spurt of people sketching (though I'm still doing a lot of that). I've started a new series, "Dogs with Attitude." I'm not sure if I'll end up using the sketches that are coming up as paintings. (The title of this post is what I would call the painting if I made one.)

This one is a French Bulldog sketched with Faber-Castel Calligraphy pen. I had some old Lukas gouache that I wanted to use up so I slapped that on the background. (I don't recommend Lukas gouache. I purchased some long ago based on an ad in an art materials catalog. I find it has a very chemical smell and doesn't blend well with the way I work. I hated the working qualities so much I didn't do research into the pigment quality. I would check into it before you invest. It is very opaque and if you like that.)

I'm STILL seeking a local (Twin Cities Area) French Bulldog for a sketching model. If you have, or know someone who has, one that I can sketch please contact me at

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    Roz, there is a fantastic dog who lives nearby. She is a massive, grey, short haired breed of some kind, maybe a pitt bull terrier. When she sees another dog, any other dog, she will slowly lower herself to the ground, head and all. I saw her do this twice. I asked her man what she was doing and he said, ‘she thinks no one will see her when she does that, she is afraid of other dogs’. I, on the other hand, fell in love with her.

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    Melly dogs, and all companion animals, touch us in so many ways. Some lead us to compassion, and I personally hope, our better selves.

    I hope her owner was able to work with the dog you saw to bring her back to balance so she could be with dogs and people, in balance. That’s one of the most difficult tasks for people.

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