Eyes—What I’m Looking at in June on Patreon

June 3, 2023
Studies of finches in an aviary, with focus on the eyes and expression. Graphite on blue paper.

Whether you work in pencil, gouache, watercolor, pen, acrylic, eraser carving, silverpoint, color pencil…it doesn’t matter—rendering eyes is critical to the success of a portrait. The eyes show the character and soul of your subject. You want to get that down for your viewer. You want the gaze of your subject to draw the viewer in.

I’ll be looking at drawing and painting eyes this month on my Patreon/RozInterim site.

A brush pen and gouache portrait of a finch at an elder care aviary. (You’ll have seen the complete sketch at the base of my blog page if you’ve ever scrolled down that far. Most bird sketches of mine are self-portraits.)

Even if you don’t draw and paint animal or people portraits the study of eyes and the practice of rendering eyes can make you a better observer of detail for all your subjects. And this study will hep you improve and understand the importance of your focal point regardless of your subject matter.

I hope you’ll come and subscribe at Patreon/RozInterim.

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