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More Playing Around with the Aquash Brush Pen

Above: More sketches made with my now empty Aquash Pen. Stonehenge Kraft with gouache added. Playing around with the Pentel Aquash Pen with light black ink and gouache (Lukas) on Stonehenge Kraft (if you are going to bind with this paper please read my post about the difficulties before you do). Left: Detail of the […]


More From the In-Studio Journal: Dog Sketches

Above: A 9 x 12 inch spread from my in-studio Fabriano Venezia Journal. Read more below. One of the reasons I'm keeping the in-studio 9 x 12 inch journal is that I'm enjoying working large. Another reason is that it's there and I wanted to use it up. Yet another reason is that I wanted […]


Gouache: Even More Thoughts

The post contains some more stuff on sketching with gouache.


More “Dogs with Attitude”

Second post in a series.


Contagious, Yes; Rabid, No

Above: dog sketch from the current journal which is one I made with Gutenberg; 6 x 8 inches approx. I seem to be working out of my spurt of people sketching (though I'm still doing a lot of that). I've started a new series, "Dogs with Attitude." I'm not sure if I'll end up using […]


Another French Bulldog

Some thoughts about the second in the series of quick sketches, and a digression about Peter Lorre.


Slowing at the Finish


Above: a late night sketch of Gert my current "life model" (a rubber chicken hand puppet). The background rectangle is red Lukas Gouache, not a gouache brand I use for my final paintings, but something I tried a number of years ago and still have tubes of that I use up in my journals. Journal width doesn't quite fit on the scanner so the right and left edges are clipped off. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

I find myself in an unusual position. I'm creeping towards the end of a journal. Typically the closer I get to the end of a journal the faster I work. Hmmm. I thought I would mention this so that new journal keepers could be prepared for either eventuality.

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