More From the In-Studio Journal: Dog Sketches

June 14, 2011

Above: A 9 x 12 inch spread from my in-studio Fabriano Venezia Journal. Read more below.

One of the reasons I'm keeping the in-studio 9 x 12 inch journal is that I'm enjoying working large. Another reason is that it's there and I wanted to use it up. Yet another reason is that I wanted to test out the paper and the binding of the book more thoroughly.

The funny thing is I was about 6 or more spreads into the book before I actually drew on any of the pages. Sure I was painting the backgrounds, but all my sketches were done elsewhere, on odd pads of paper that I have lying around to sketch on at a moment's notice.

These cocker spaniel sketches are also not drawn on the Fabriano Venezia page. I drew these on Hahnemühle's Nostalgie with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Working with that pen on that paper is sinfully fun! (Dog drawn from one of my photos put up on the computer screen—though the attitude on the right is imagined.)

I painted the one sketch on the left with some gouache (old gouache I'm using up, mostly Lukas and Holbein). Next I cut the dog out and pasted it to the page. I cut the dog on the right out as well and pasted it on the page. For a couple days they stayed there on a white background and then I just started messing with blue and white paint.

Oh, I also collaged a piece of floral paper on each page when the paint dried.

I think it is important to play around and make a mess. It feels great, for one thing. I hope you are having fun making a mess in your current journal.

Note: See posts from last Friday, Sunday, and Monday for more views into this journal.

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    I’m always happy to see a new dog sketch here. Got any Boston Terrier doggy friends? I’d love to see one show up in your journal.

    • Miss T
    • June 14, 2011

    Mess making in process over here! Roz, I like what you’re doing with this book.

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    Melissa, I just saw a Boston Terrier yesterday morning on my bike ride! Sadly he was going with his owner up the ramp to the road and I was going forward (and I didn’t have business cards with me, which I usually do). He WAS LOVELY!! Well, Handsome.

    I just realized something, based on where I was when I saw him I think he might be the dog that belongs to the neighbor of someone who works with Dick!!!! I didn’t even look at the person! We went to a party in that neighborhood last years and the neighbor brought over his dog.

    Shoot. It might be a small world.

  3. Reply

    Miss T, thanks, and carry on with your mess-making—but don’t get orange ink all over your hands just before making a delivery to a client like I just did!!!

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