More Playing Around with the Aquash Brush Pen

October 19, 2011

Above: More sketches made with my now empty Aquash Pen. Stonehenge Kraft with gouache added.

Playing around with the Pentel Aquash Pen with light black ink and gouache (Lukas) on Stonehenge Kraft (if you are going to bind with this paper please read my post about the difficulties before you do).

111010Faces3DetailLeft: Detail of the right page, so you can see both the pen strokes on the paper and the gouache covering the paper and ink up.

I've used up most of my Lukas gouache, which is not a fine art gouache, but is fun to use in my journal. And it's really very opaque. I've been having so much fun with it that I'm actually considering ordering up another set (I think there are 12 colors) for about $30 from ASW (My local store doesn't carry this line.)

Specifics about Lukas Gouache because I know someone will ask:

Negatives: The pigments aren't labeled; cost would lead one to believe they use inexpensive pigments; the muddiness of some color mixing would indicate a lot of two- or more pigment paints; slight chemical smell I'm not fond of but can live with (probably also indicates additives I don't have in my art quality paints and would explain some more of the muddiness).

Positives: Inexpensive and useful for quick studies in my journal, or for goofing around with when I don't want to get expensive paint out and "take time." Nice and thick, with a good body. Opaque. Fun to use thickly with dry-brush techniques because it is (didn't I mention this) so inexpensive.

I would not recommend Lukas gouache for someone interested in learning color theory and using gouache to mix colors. It's just a fun to use, inexpensive paint.

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    I couldn’t stand it anymore, and today I drove to the art store to buy an Aquash pen. And the store changed their hours, so they weren’t open for 2 more hours.

    My Aquash remained in the store, calling out for me…lol.

    • Jan
    • October 23, 2011

    Roz — Have you tried the “other” new Stonehenge paper color, the Steel Gray? I am curious as to how it will work with the gouache. I suspect it’ll be pretty keen.


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    Jan, of the 4 NEW colors of Stonehenge I have only tried the Kraft and the icy blue. I wouldn’t bind with either of these colors.

    Sorry I can’t help you with info on the new gray.

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