Minnesota State Fair Prep—#10: Warm Ups

August 25, 2009


Above: Practice sketch with Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils, left mostly dry. In my journal made with Old Folio. (Verso page is only partially visible. There is a print of a pear painting I printed on watercolor paper and none of the black ink printed. I stuck it in my journal, across the gutter, so that I could test out the watercolor paper it was printed on, for sketching in pencil and pen. From the Gutter to the right edge is 7.5 inches. To sketch this wild turkey I threw photos I'd taken that morning up onto my computer screen so I could sit back and sketch.)

I've given up the idea of working with Stabilo Tones at the State Fair because of the heat (they get melty) and the size I would need to work (larger than usual, and larger than I think I would find comfortable in the tight, crowded spaces). Last week I'd decided to simply use pen and ink (with gouache as desired)—something I have done in the past. But once I started sketching the wild turkeys I was seeing on my morning bike rides, the idea of taking water soluble colored pencils to the Fair started to appeal to me. You have the ability to sketch, just as you do with a pencil, but you can also add water, as I did above, as selectively as you want.

Note: You do have more items to juggle in your hands, however, so I tend to sketch in analogous colors, holding only 3 pencils in my hands at a time.

Sketches like this the week before the Fair help me decide what medium I want to use, and what paper. But more on the paper search in another post…

Note: If you're just joining me in my State Fair Focus you might not know that I've talked about Stabilo Tones here, and in several other posts following that.

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