2021 Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Update

August 26, 2021
Yes it’s the most fun when we can actually get into the Fair barns and sketch the live animals. But if you can’t be in crowds right now there are options and a virtual meeting! Read what LisaMarie has planned.

LisaMarie [LMNOP] and Robin Kutz, co-coordinators for the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out (and MetroSketchers), have posted the following information about the 2021 Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. You still have time to plan and participate in a variety of ways that will accommodate your current health/Covid/crowd/mask needs and safety issues.

Here’s what the coordinators wrote:

Welcome to the [almost] MN State Fair 2021 Sketchout Post!

As you may have heard, Delta isn’t showing any signs of disappearing in the next month so in an act of high-caution, Metrosketchers officially won’t be making an appearance at the fair… [boooo!]

Fear not. We’ve got options!

Instead, we’ll have a VIRTUAL event this year to allow everyone interested to participate at the level of comfort they are seeking.

MN State Fair Options…You could:
• Physically attend MN State Fair—pretty self explanatory.
• Search “MN State Fair Live Cam” on the web for live feeds from the event—could prove to be entertaining sketching.
• Search “Google Earth Street View” and go to the Fair’s location to ‘virtually’ walk around on the grounds. While not a live feed, it will offer the option to choose your view of the fairgrounds—and not get sore feet. [bonus!]
• Or—just buy some corndogs from the grocery store and sketch in place from where you are.

Look at the plethora of ideas available to us!

But wait, that’s not all…
To cap it off, Metrosketchers will be hosting a ZOOM gathering Monday, August 30 at 3 p.m. CDT so we can gather and share the fun workarounds without needing to mask up. Brilliance!! We win!!

How’s that for thinking outside the box and making this happen! We feel pretty shiny about the possibilities here.

So, above all else, BE SAFE and HAVE FUN. Because that’s what we’re about at the M’sktrs.

Peace, Patience, and Purell,
LisaMarie [LMNOP]
Robin Kutz

To receive the zoom link please send your email to
It will be available soon. 

Something from Roz To Get You Started if You Can’t Go Physically to the Fair


If like so many other sketchers you can’t attend the Fair in person this year, and maybe can’t even get out to sketch in your neighborhood, here’s a lovely sheep I saw at the 2012 Fair. You might spend some time looking at and sketching her lovely face.

But however you show up to sketch be sure to sign up for the zoom meeting and share your sketches.

I hope that circumstances allow us all to be together at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair. I know I’ll need to play catch up on my corn dog consumption and spin art creation.

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