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Moleskine Myths: They Open Flat?

Above: A quick sketch of Dick sitting on the TV room couch next to a bright light. I worked in a new Moleskine with the whiter, more absorbent paper. Look at the gutter area and the offset that prevented me from working across the page. There’s flat and then there’s flat. People who use Moleskines […]


Three Days in Wisconsin

See the full post for details


More on Studies and Why They Matter

Another study and some thoughts about it.


Focus: Why Do a Study before You Do a Painting?

This post has thoughts on making studies before creating a painting.


Lightfastness Tests: Stabilo Tones and Caran d’Ache Neo Color II

This post contains my lightfastness charts and some comments.


Fluid Watercolor Paper Easy Blocks

Details about this paper in the blog post.


Dog Practice—One: Stabilo All or Derwent Drawing?

Preparing to sketch at Paws on Grand.


Stonehenge Paper: More Tests—A Deal Breaker

More experiments with this paper.


A Dog, Stabilo Tones, a Rant, and a Reminder

I ponder the lack of light, and cover other bases as mentioned in the post title.


Another View of the Toucan

One more Stabilo Tone Toucan

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