Post Election Day Thoughts

November 5, 2008

Today some folks will be happy, some will be sad, everyone will be a little bit frustrated about something relating to the political landscape. As I write this days in advance, I'm hoping I won't be distraught. Regardless of whether or not the elections went the way I wanted, I'll be looking at this little Jeff Scher film, "Sid," to cheer me up, which it does every time I watch it, or to establish a little bit of balance (which it also does) if I'm too happy.

Whatever your emotional needs today I suggest you view this little gem to help get a grip on your equilibrium. We can learn a lot from Sid: tenacity, obsessive compulsion, joy, engagement, how to train your human…

Then we all need to remember citizenship is a 365-day a year job.

(If the imbedded video doesn't work, click on the film title at the end of the first paragraph; one or the other should get you there.)

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    what a gentle, thoughtful post. this is nice for anyone to read, regardless of their political persuasions.

    that is one interesting senate race in progress in minnesota! wow. i wonder what will happen.

    • Roz
    • November 5, 2008

    Thanks Aimee. I just love Sid. I think there should be a book called “The Zen of Sid”!

    As for the Minnesota Senate race, it is still not decided. It was the nastiest race I can remember, since I came up here for graduate school eons ago. It had all the nastiness but none of the fun of Ventura contest.

    At lunch today I heard that we will not know until the votes are certified on Nov. 18 and then recounted! I stopped checking after that.


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