In Context: Trying to Catch Up…

July 10, 2023

I’ve been relocating my studio and trying to unpack and organize. I think I’m getting to the end then I see another box, and behind that another box.

Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t leave most of those boxes in storage. But right now I can’t go there mentally. I need to keep opening and emptying boxes and giving a second pass decision on what gets kept.

Meanwhile I just wanted to state that I find I really love the fast quick sketches that are sometimes all I have the time or energy to do during this downsizing.

Included on the blog today are some such sketches from December 2022, when I was packing a lot of the boxes I’m unboxing now.

I did these sketches while watching “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and letting the TV run. My goal was not to get recognizable sketches but to get some memory exercises in and get what I could get. “Sue Ann” was the last one I did and I am over the moon with it. It’s as exciting as getting all the important details of a Snow Goose that lands briefly in your flock of Canada Geese and then goes away immediately.

Too much fun.

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