On Patreon/RozInterim in July 2023

July 2, 2023

This month on Patreon/RozInterim there’s a regular demo as well as a sped up series demo. In both I discuss aspects of the decision making process in sketching and watercolor. I look at the benefits of training your hand-eye-and mind to make quick decisions. I also discuss the grounding properties of a drawing practice.

Creativity posts in July deal with process and setting up projects to improve your drawing and sketching skills and neutralizing your internal critic so you can improve your process and your foundational skills quicker while having more fun and less angst.

As usual, for tier 3 subscribers you will have access to all that plus the live webinar. I even have a bonus demo for tier 3.

Both tiers have access to all past materials at their subscription level. It’s hours and hours of demos and discussion and instructional posts with ideas about what you can put into action today, right now, to improve your drawing habit, understand and nurture your creative process, and reach for and attain your creative goals.

With so much going on I hope you’ll come and subscribe and try out some of the approaches and concepts in your own sketching practice.

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