Less Is Often More

November 29, 2021

So the other day I was writing about being fussy. Sometimes I’m the exact opposite and do as little as possible. Today’s image is an example of that.

There can be something very satisfying in not delving into layers of details, and in coming up with pigment choices that leave much of the surface unpainted.

This is what I felt pulled to get down in the moment. 

Oh, and of course the urge to use up some leftover paint.

Below is a detail from this image.

I am including the detail because I think it’s good to see that I was working very delicately and lightly with watercolor washes because this is not watercolor paper—it’s a medium weight drawing paper (now defunct) that I had bound in a journal (about 8.5 x 11 inches) and which had been sitting on a shelf in my storage area. It turned up in the sorting and downsizing and I just pulled it out and said to myself, I’m going to use this now! 

It provided a lovely bit of drag on the brush pen. And if I played it cool with the watercolor it sank in where I wanted it to go, but didn’t seep through the page.

Looking at it today I’m missing that paper all over again.


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